Saturday, May 20, 2023

OBX Vaca 2023

Our vacation this year started in Columbia, the hometown of our first ministry and our first church.
The kiddos really enjoyed playing on the playground they used to use!  They have grown so much...  but it was still a lot of fun for them!

We spent the night in Bulls Bay and enjoyed a dip in the sound!

And fishing of course!

Monday evening the kids enjoyed their piano recital and a visit from Dr. B, their 
adopted grandfather!

They so love seeing their piano teacher in person, since they still do online lessons with her!
we had to get a pic of them with her and Callie's BFF Darci, since she's online with her as well!

Then we traveled to Kill Devil Hills for some much needed beach time!

So here's a funny story...
my husbands phone just completely stopped working Sunday night.  We called and verizon
tried to walk us through troubleshooting to no avail.  Once we got to the beach we traveled to Southern Shores and they couldn't fix it either.  They decided the phone was just done for, and they decided to replace it.  Only the replacement had to come in the mail, which meant it had to be shipped to the house.  So my hubby spent our entire vacation without a phone.
It was fantastic.  

We love the outer banks beach club!

Since Callie had been working she had some spending money.  She bought her first fishing pole,
and the first night she had it she caught a fish!

We also enjoyed some Duck Donuts.  Is it even a vacation if you don't have donuts?  Not for me.
I remember growing up and the first thing we would do when I was a kid and got into a hotel was find a Krispy Kreme!  Well there isn't one near Nags Head, but there is a Duck Donuts, which was fantastic!

My boys loved building figures in the sand...

But we really didn't take very many photos besides the handful that I've shared.

One good thing about having older kids is that you can actually let them spend
some time alone in the room while you and your hubby can go out for dinner!  Talk about a blessing!
Henry's is amazing!  If you're ever in Kill Devil Hills, you have to try it!  The crab cakes
are to die for!

All in all, we just had a fantastic time together.  Since Stephen didn't have a phone
I felt really convicted not to have mine with me most of the time.  He inspired me I guess you could say  But I got my husbands undivided attention for a vacation and I'm telling you it was the best thing ever!  I'm so thankful that we got the time away!
We also had perfect weather on Tuesday and Wednesday!  Thursday it was a little chilly, so we didn't
spend a lot of time on the beach, but we did really enjoy just having some downtime.  It's been crazy since we got settled in here in Macclesfield and last summer we spent traveling and interviewing to find out where God was going to lead us.  

So this time away was soooo good.
We are so thankful for the vacation, and we are glad to be back home again!


  1. That sounds like a wonderful vacation!

  2. It was!!! thank you so much for visiting!

  3. Looks and sounds like a great vacation (starting with no phone!),