Monday, May 8, 2023

Happy Homemaker Monday 5/8/23

   Hi there!!!  It was so good linking up with you all last week and catching up on your blog posts!  I'm going to do better about commenting this week for sure! But it was fun to read some of you that I haven't read with for a few months...years?  It's been awhile!
   Todoay is my oldest son's 14th birthday!  I don't know how 14 years have went by so quickly!  But I'm so thankful for the young man he's growing up to be!
My Huddy Buddy!

My handsome young man! With his morning hair lol!  We have done breakfast pancakes for years now!

  So here's a fun story!  I've been doing a lot of mental deconstructing lately, and its been good.  So good for me.  Part of that was just realizing that the last few years I've struggled a lot with blogging, and I'm so glad that its been a part of my life again!  One thing that made me sad was that at one point over last year, right in the middle of the stress of moving, I deleted my blog without backing it up.  I was SO sad that I thought I had lost so many posts.  The other day, I was looking on the internet desperately trying to find some of my old posts backed up somewhere in my google drive, and I found the Wayback Machine!  I was familiar with the term from Mr. Peabody and Sherman, it was my Sawyer's favorite when he was a baby (Body and Yerman...  I rememeber it well!)  LOL!  But this is a site that will comb through old internet archives and sometimes recover lost websites.  Guess what it found???!!!  Tons of my old blog posts!  I've been thrilled to be reposting and updating some of them!  I can't wait to share some of them, and I've already gotten a lot posted already!  I think it was a confirmation of starting my blogging journey again!  So if you see some new/old posts, that's where they came from. 
  Too cool.  
   So all in all, I'm happy to be back and join you wonderful people in sharing our weeks!  I hope you all have an amazing one!
   Also in my deleting, I lost my followers :(  So if you followed in the past, you will have to follow again.  But I appreciate it and love all my followers, and will certainly follow back!  Its building back from the ground up, but that's okay!  I'm up for the challenge :)  

♥♥ The Weather ♥♥

It's going to be much more seasonal this week!  We will be in the high 70s and low 80s.  I need the weather to stay warm since we will be going on vacation next week!  I definitively am ready for a beach trip!  

♥♥ As I look outside my window ♥
   The bird are active and loud today!  I have seen a couple of humming birds this year, they are my favorite!  We have a beautiful yard, and I LOVE spring!
♥♥ Right now I am ♥♥
   Excited to put a cake in the oven and get the laundry going so we can spend the day with my boy!  I live life in between loads of laundry, and I'm thankful for that!

♥♥ Thinking and pondering ♥♥

  I have a special gift that I'm planning to give all of my children this year.  Since today is my oldest son's birthday, today will be the first day of the gift.  I probably won't get around to updating my blog I'm writing about it until tomorrow since today we will be celebrating, but I'm excited to share.  :)  It's a good one!

♥♥ How am I feeling ♥♥
 Excited about my boy's birthday, excited about our upcoming vacation, and looking forward to all of the wonderful things we have planned for life and ministry this summer!  

♥♥ On the breakfast plate ♥♥
Atkins shake, as usual!  

♥♥ From my blog ♥♥
  As I mentioned, I'm working on updating some of my newfound old blog posts!  So this one about our little farm warmed my heart.  We have an appointment in June to get some chicks and restart our little flock.  I'm excited to start again, especially after reminiscing on how much we loved our chickens!

♥♥ From a friends blog ♥♥
I found this new blog, Life is Better Lakeside on one of the blog hops that I participate in, and this last post about the Lakeside sunsets is truly gorgeous!  I keep going back to it...

♥♥ On the lunch plate ♥♥

  My boy wants Pizza Inn, so we plan to have a late lunch and hopefully get some bowling in this afternoon!

♥♥ On the dinner plate ♥♥
 Hudson LOVES spaghetti.  Once when he was about three I caught him shoveling handfuls of spaghetti in his mouth out of the garbage.  The boy will literally eat spaghetti out of the trash.  So its a no-brainer that he wants spaghetti for dinner.  

♥♥ What I'm wearing ♥♥
  Same shirt I was wearing when I updated last week, lol but with some capri pants this week.  Still in PJ mode!  

♥♥ On my reading pile ♥♥
I started "Becoming Free Indeed" by Jinger Duggar Vuolo last night and I think I'm really going to enjoy it!  We also have a sweet church member who wrote a book about her life and I'm about halfway through it, its wonderful so far!

♥♥ On my TV this week ♥♥
We started the Book of Boba Fett last night, and I'm hooked already!  We are truly a Star Wars loving family for sure!

♥♥ On the menu ♥♥
Easy peasy this week.  And cheap, since next week is vacation!  

♥♥ Looking around the house ♥♥
  It's not too bad, we had company yesterday so I cleaned up a bit Saturday.  Just a few finishing touches and we will be good, I may get a day off from major cleaning!  I won't know what to do!

♥♥ To Do List ♥♥
-Help my girl bake and decorate a cake!
-Take my sweet boy out for his birthday!
-Finish my blog post I started last night!
-Finish organizing my youngest boys room
-Meal plan!
-Finish updating my old blog posts- I'm SO glad I found them!
-Get ready for vacation!

♥♥ From the camera ♥♥
  Last Sunday there was a huge storm.  I reached around my door to bring in my beautiful wreath my sister made me,  and was shocked to see a bird nest!  It had EGGS in it!  So I quickly put it back on the door.  We forgot about it, but the other day my Bible school stuff was mailed to the house and when my girl opened the door she freaked out...  there are baby birds inside!  We have left them alone, and asked company to come in through the garage, which I hate but I can live with it for awhile I guess....but I couldn't resist the opportunity to stand on my bench and reach way out to take a pic without bothering them!  

And some funny times...  my boys kept asking for something from Subway called "The Boss".  I keep forgetting since we don't eat Subway that much, but the other day I remembered, and they finally got to try the Boss.  LOL.  They took a couple of funny photos, and said it was every bit as good as they thought it would be.  LOL!

♥♥ Devotional ♥♥


  1. One of my girls put out a hummingbird feeder this year and is waiting and hoping to see some soon. They are such a fun bird to watch.

    1. They really are! I have had mine up for a few weeks, I was so worried when they didn't show up, but when my father in law came to visit he said they may not be here yet... why didn't I think of that? LOL but I have seen a couple since then! Hope you see some soon!!

  2. hey! so good to read and write alongside you. Where are you that y'all have Pizza Inn? The closest one to me is in TN, which is a stone's throw away. Happy Birthday to your handsome boy!

    1. Hi there! We are in Eastern North Carolina, a couple of hours from the coast :) We actually have one in Wilson NC (where we went today!) and another one in Rocky Mount, both are around 25 minutes from our house! I like the one in RM best, but we were in Wilson to go bowling with our kids bowl free coupons! We love some chocolate chip pizza!

  3. Wow! I never dreamed of finding old posts on Wayback Machine. I guess I WAS blogging way back, too!

    1. They were posts from 2017, 2020 and 2021! I'm so excited to have found them!!! I couldn't find any further back from then, but it was nice since those were the years we lived on campus at Bible college, its been fun to reminisce! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  4. Happy birthday to your boy! How cute the birds decided to nest in the wreath. Glad you got to recover old posts! Have a great week

    1. Thanks so much for his birthday wishes! And thanks so much for stopping by!

  5. Thanks for mentioning the wayback machine, I'll have to check it out. Happy belated birthday to your son. Hope you have a wonderful week!