Monday, May 15, 2023

Happy Homemaker Monday: 5/15


We are vacationing this week and starting out our week at a friends house by the Albemarle sound.  It’s so incredibly quiet and peaceful here this morning!!!! I just wanted to share the view!
 Knowing that cell service is hit or miss out here, which is okay for relaxation… I typed out my happy homemaker post Saturday! So I’m sharing that this morning, but had to show you a view of this beautiful place I’m blessed to spend my morning! This quiet tiny road beside the sound…. It’s peaceful and beautiful- just exactly what we needed!!! But here is my post for the week, typed out Saturday.  So excited to join you all!

   Hello again friends!  It was SO fun reading along with all of your posts last week!  I was able to visit several of your blogs and it was so neat seeing the world through your eyes!!!  This week we will be vacationing (YAY!) So I'm actually writing this up Saturday night, scheduled to post Monday :)  hopefully I will have enough cell service to linkup sometime Monday!  
   I'm telling you, we NEEDED a vacation badly.  My husband hasn't had much time off since the accident at our church on March 8th (Here is the post with photos and an explanation of what happened, scroll all the way to the bottom..  it was a mess.) He has spent a couple of months just dealing with everything from that.  First was the news and the media...  then the adjusters.  It's a huge undertaking, and he's been so so busy.  So it will be good to get away and spend some time together for awhile!  My kiddos also have their annual piano recital while we are there!  For those who haven't been following, we moved from that area four years ago, and during Covid their piano teacher started doing virtual lessons, so we still travel back to the area for a piano recital each year!  Thankfully, we have some awesome friends with a beautiful place to stay across from the Sound, and its only a 40 minute drive to the outer banks!  So its a win/win!  
  But I digress!  On to the linky party!  I'm excited to be joining you, friends!

♥♥ The Weather ♥♥

  As we will be in the Outer Banks this weekend, I wanted to share the weather there with you!

Looks like pretty weather!  I wish it was a little warmer, but I'll take it nonetheless!

♥♥ As I look outside my window ♥
   Our landscaping worker mowed the yard today and it looks so nice!  My lillies bloomed and then died within a few days.  I have no green thumb lol.  I need to work on them and add my new buttercup blooms to a planter.  I really do want flowers, I really do!  I had some beautiful ones in Staley, but it took awhile.  This is my first spring here, so I need to give myself a little grace.  
♥♥ Right now I am ♥♥
   Finishing dinner, typing up this post and procrastinating packing lol.
♥♥ Thinking and pondering ♥♥

  Don't you always go through 'the list' a million times in your mind, hoping you don't forget anything?? I'm already thinking about it!  

♥♥ How am I feeling ♥♥
  So very excited!  I need some time out with my family!  My daughter who lives in Oak Island is also trying to come spend the day with us for Mother's day, that would be really nice.  I would love to see her!  I miss my Mom as always on Mother's day.  I have decided I shouldn't plan vacations this week anymore lol, but I'm still glad we are going tomorrow!

♥♥ On the breakfast plate ♥♥
 It's dinnertime!  But we had Chicken n Dumplings and Green beans.  

♥♥ From my blog ♥♥
  This week I shared our treats for Star Wars Day! and some fun ones that I found online I would love to try sometime!  You don't have to only have Star Wars Treats on May the 4th, so I hope to try a lot of these soon!  Also, since we are going back to Columbia/KDH for vacay, I should share our trip last year!   We are also going to the piano recital again this year, much earlier in the year!  

♥♥ From a friends blog ♥♥
I love reading Joshua Becker! This post was great!

♥♥ On the lunch plate ♥♥

  We had PB sandwiches for lunch lol.  Lots of Saturdays I meet a group of local Pastor's Wives for coffee.  Today after taking my girl to work in Nasthville, I came back through Tarboro and met with my friends, and the boys had to go with me, lol.  It was a lot of fun and today we had almost the whole group show up!  But I didn't have a lot of time to do anything cool for lunch, lol so PB and chips it was!

♥♥ On the dinner plate ♥♥
 Those chicken and dumplins lol yummy!

♥♥ What I'm wearing ♥♥
  Denim shorts, floral top from Maurices.  

♥♥ On my reading pile ♥♥
I plan to take my "Heaven" book by Randy Alcorn to the beach, as well as "An Unhurried Life” by Alan Fadling.

♥♥ On my TV this week ♥♥
Still watching the Book of Boba Fett and loving it!  I finished Hart of Dixie as my workout show, so I'm trying to decide what to watch on the treadmill next week.  Any suggestions?

♥♥ On the menu ♥♥
Not sure.  I do want to take my juicer to the beach.  I usually can eat healthier on vaca because I don't put much emphasis on food.  When you have kiddos you don't vacate to eat lol.   

♥♥ Looking around the house ♥♥
  Looks pretty good!   I bought some Bona filler for my Bravaa jet so my floors look great!  I have a few things to clean up before tomorrow so I can take the whole day off!

♥♥ To Do List ♥♥
-Finish up a blog post I started last week before Hudson's birthday
-Cleanup my bathroom
-Pay the bills so I don't have too next week

♥♥ From the camera ♥♥
Birthday fun!  My daughter made such a cute Mario cake!

We had a crazy storm last week!  But then after it was over Stephen and I went to pick up some things in town, and this beautiful rainbow was in the sky!  You could see the whole thing, but I couldn't get it all in a picture!
Wouldn't this be a beautiful photo of the church if it wasn't for the dumpsters in front due to the construction :(  But it's Gods promise.  Nonetheless. 

♥♥ Devotional ♥♥


  1. I totally get it when you mention going over "the list" in your head a million times, trying not to forget anything. It's something we all do! And it's heartwarming to hear that you're excited to spend time with your family and possibly see your daughter for Mother's Day. Family moments are truly precious.

  2. Enjoy your vacation! Great pictures and the cake looks really good. What a story with the church accident!