Tuesday, November 1, 2022

New town, new ministry, new update!

Moving is never easy...  but our new church family made settling in a lot easier than we imagined!

We officially moved in the middle of October.  October 28th was my sweet
girls sweet 16!  Our women's Bible study class celebrated by throwing her a party!

And although there are so. many. boxes.  We LOVE our new home!

Then we had her Sweet 16 at home, and we had a lot of family and friends come visit our home
for the first time!

My kids enjoyed their first trip to the Baptist State Convention!  
At Staley we were close to the Koury center in Greensboro, but now we are a couple
of hours away.  So we decided to take them with us!  They loved the band, and just loved being there!

We have enjoyed getting to know our new church family!

And are excited about the holidays!!!

Thanks for checking in on us!

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