Friday, September 23, 2022

Big News!

    First off, as I've mentioned before, the second week in September is our family vacation week!  This was much needed for our little family this year!  This summer has been chaotic, confusing, and long!  More on that later...  but the vacation was just what the doctor ordered.

   We spent the first part of the vacation at Ocean Isle.  That has quickly became our family's favorite retreat.  

September is the perfect time for vacation, as the resorts are not crowded at all!  It felt like we had the whole place to ourselves most of the time!  The pool is oceanfront, and so beautiful and relaxing!
I really left my phone in the room most of the time, but I did take a few photos!

My girl and I had a girls date to a restaurant we hadn't tried before, the Pelican's Perch!
We have began a trend where we are rating the crab cakes at the Brunswick Beaches, and this one was our favorite!

So for now the ratings go:
1. Pelican's Perch (OIB)
2. LouLous Waterfront Restaurant (Holden)
3. Provision Company (Southport)

There are so many more restuarants to try crabcakes, so we are looking forward to extending our list!  Especially on the weekend that we go down for Callie's 16th birthday!!  

We love the arcade at the pier!

Which also has ice cream :)

And my girl just looked so fabulous in her big Audrey Hepburn sunglasses and her sunhat, I had to take a picture!  

We also traveled a few minutes down the road to Oak Island to see our Lacey!

And enjoyed our pizza place and a cute little sweet shop!

Although I've missed her terribly, she truly LOVES what she is doing and where she is living, so I'm very happy for her!

Halfway through the week we traveled to Nags Head, and we were soooo happy to visit one of our favorite places!

We loved visiting Kitty Hawk Kites, one of our favorite shopping centers

And of course, our wonderful friend Jimmie let the kiddos ride go karts in Corolla for as long as they wanted too!

We had a wonderful time!  Also, Surfin Spoon has some pumpkin flavored Sammies...  YUM.

So the vacation was exactly what we needed!

And NOW, for the BIG NEWS I promised!

    Around the beginning of this year, my family started to feel like God was telling us he was going to move us.  We didn't really listen at first.  We went about our spring as usual.  Our swimming pool was damaged beyond repair, but we still weren't listening.  We ordered another one, and it sat in the storage room for a month before Stephen decided to put it up.  There was just some strange feeling that it was time.  We fought, we pushed...  but when God says its time, He is not going to change his mind.
   Finally, at the beginning of he summer we felt the calling stronger than ever.  Stephen sent his resume to two churches, and posted it online on a ministry website.  The next week, the calls came pouring in.  The two churches responded positively as well, and by the beginning of July, there were SO many churches wanting to talk to my husband.  This was something we were not even a little prepared for.  
  During this time I experienced a lot of heartache.  Its hard changing your entire life.  Even if you know in your heart you are doing the right thing, there's no words that can describe the fear, the dread, and the heartache that comes behind it all.  We also felt very alone, as this was a process we had to do without sharing with our friends and our church family.  
   I remember early on, we believed that we would be called to this amazing church in Brunswick County.  I will forever be grateful to that church for calling, because through all of my heartache the thought of living there, at the beach where we loved, got me through some very dark times.  Sometimes when I thought I wasn't going to be strong enough to keep going, the thought of that church pulled me through.
   Over the course of two months, Stephen was contacted by 13 interested churches.  He interviewed with 6 of those churches.  All six of the ones he interviewed with wanted a trial sermon.  We knew that God would not possibly call him to Pastor in a different church.  We narrowed it down to two churches that we felt completely at peace with.  We visited both.  Although the church at the beach was as amazing as we thought it would be, we ended up answering the call to a church back East, and decided to do the trail sermon there.
  The beach church said they were planning to wait.  The day we met with the other church before we were getting on the elevator in the hotel, Stephen got a text from the beach church saying they believed they were going to vote on their interim as their Pastor.  So just like that, God closed the door we had prayed he would close so we would know for certain.
   The day we spent with the church was amazing!  I felt like I had known them all for my entire life!  They all said they enjoyed us as well!  Sunday morning, my husband preached his first trial sermon, and just like our other two churches, he was voted pastor unanimously!  So God confirmed that was where he wanted us to be!  We are so thankful, so excited, and so blessed!  We will be back East, close to Rocky Mount!  So be sure you let me know so I can update you our new phone numbers and address!
   I will keep you posted on our moving and send some photos as we get settled!  Although we are sad to leave Staley and our sweet members at Shady Grove, we are excited to be following His calling as He moves us into the new chapter of our lives!  And, I'm super excited that it is chilly outside, and absolutely feels like fall!  I can't wait to see what God does at Webbs Chapel Baptist Church, and I'm also praying for the future of Shady Grove.
   It's been a long summer, but God is so good, and I'm so thankful that we took our time, did our diligence, and followed His leading to exactly where he wanted us to be!   I hope I can share soon, we will be moving over the next two weeks, and my sweet niece will be having surgery Monday so it will be busy, but I know that God will be helping us along the way!
  I love you all, and THANK YOU to all who prayed!

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