Friday, June 17, 2022

Another Birthday, Another Beach (And a Piano Recital!)

Hudson chose a beach trip for his birthday! Afterall, the big 1-3 only comes around once in a lifetime.
When asked what Sawyer wanted for his birthday, he also wanted a beach trip. Two beach trips that close together didn't seem logical, but when Susie let us know that the piano recital was the day before Sawyer's birthday, we just knew exactly where we should be!
Ms. Loretta is one of our former church members, and she has the cutest little home by the
Albemarle sound! With the screened in front porch and the sound right across the driveway, the peace and quiet was just what we needed in to recover from the hectic life we had been living lately.

   When we arrived Wednesday it was late, so after some time on the porch in the quiet we all retired fairly early. Thursday morning we were up and about early, excited to visit with some people we had not seen in quite some time! Ms. Loretta visited for awhile, it was so nice catching up with her about her sweet family that we have missed! We have not seen several of our church members since we moved three years ago this past April. Next we sat and visited with sweet Ms. Pat. It was a joy and pleasure to see her. Then, of course, we had to go visit our Dr. B. We have seen him a few times since we moved, but each time is just as wonderful. It was so nice to visit with my friend in his home again, everytime it seems like we just pick up where we left off. All of these wonderful people in Columbia are so very dear to us.
For awhile the boys took a swim in the sound...

I am always just in awe of how beautiful it is in the sound and at Bulls Bay.

After the kids swim, they were excited to get ready for their long-awaited piano recital! Since they take piano remotely with their teacher who lives in Columbia, they haven't seen her in person since the recital last year! Although they see her weekly, they are always so excited to see her and their friends from Columbia on the recital day!
Since Callie is teaching Sawyer, Susie asked if he would like to be a part of the recital! He was so excited to be included! They all did wonderful, and it was such a blessing for them to be able to be there!

At the show, Callie was also reunited with her best friend Darci. No matter how much time
passes these girls friendship is still very close. I'm so thankful they got to spend some time together! They have both grown into such beautiful young ladies!

The next day was June 3rd! Sawyer's 9th birthday!!!
We normally have birthday pancakes on birthday mornings, but since we didn't want to cook a lot so we could get the day started, we picked a birthday cupcake instead!!! It worked for Sawyer, even if he was still a little sleepy when blowing out his candle lol!

   As his wishes, after candles we were out and headed for the beach! We saw someone familiar on the side of the road, and when we turned around it was our dear friend Jimmie! We had to stop to say hello!!! He came to the car to tell Sawyer happy birthday and asked if he wanted to go ride go karts at his track in Corolla for his birthday. Sawyer was so excited! So to Corolla we went!

Next he chose for lunch our favorite pizza place at the outer banks... Pizazz!

And then, he finally got his beach day :)

Of course we had to stop at Booty Treats for some ice cream before we left Nags Head...

And then it was back to Bulls Bay for his birthday party!

He LOVED his cake that Dr. B picked out for him. And he loved his party, and most of all, he loved spending it with so many people that he loves!

I can't believe my sweet baby is nine years old, but I thank God so much for blessing me and allowing me to be his Mama. I love you Sawyer!!! Happy birthday my little love!

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