Wednesday, May 11, 2022

A Birthday and a Beach Trip!


   On May 8, my oldest son turned 13 years old.
Hudson's birthday has always been an awesome event for us. Not only because his amazing personality shines so brightly and his excitement is beaming on his birthday. also, because it begins my year of celebration. All of my babies follow Hudson's birthday in the new year. Sawyer is June, Lacey is August, and Callista is October. It's just the beginning of celebrating my kiddos.

Our trip to Ocean Isle was timely and amazing...

It was unseasonably cold... but we still enjoyed so many things!
Lacey doesn't get to visit the beach with us as often any longer. She lives at school during
the schoolyear and she works at Camp Caswell in Oak Island during the summer. I was excited to catch a time that she was going to be home for a couple of weeks, I so enjoyed sharing this time with her!

Hudson and Sawyer have collected "Ripley's Believe it or Not" books for years now,
so they were super excited to take a trip to Myrtle Beach just down the road and visit the Odditorium!

Our favorite things at Ocean Isle are the fish company and the sweet spot!

I also got to share my favorite beach restaurant with my kiddos, Lacey had never been before.
She LOVED the shrimp and Lobster dip as much as Callie and I do!

We even ordered out a couple orders of crab dip and had them in our room for lunch
on Monday! This was our first time staying Oceanfront in our favorite hotel, the Islander. It was
certainly worth the upgrade fee!!! We had such an awesome trip!


   I also forgot to mention, a few weeks ago, my husband graduated! He graduated from Fruitland two years ago with his A.A in Biblical studies, but this was a long journey for us! We moved to Fruitland in 2016, which really began our journey in fulltime ministry. He took a break when we began our first fulltime pastorate in 2017 that extended until we left there two years later, and we returned to Fruitland for him to finish. He transferred to complete his BA at Carolina University while we were here, and graduated two weeks ago. This is a huge turning point for us! I feel with all of my heart like his journey through college has been a family event, we have all been such a huge part of it. He plans to take a year or more time off before getting his Masters. This will be a new season of life for us certainly, and I'm so so very proud of him!

We are excited about summertime and all that it will bring!

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