Sunday, June 20, 2021

Decluttering my makeup!

Now- this is about to get very personal!

We all have that go-to think that just makes our world a little brighter.
   For a long time now- longer than it should.  Mine has been makeup.  It was one of the first things I was convicted about when I started thinking about minimalism.  It was one thing that I knew I had too much of, but I still wanted more of.  It was something I thought you could never-ever ever have too much of.  It was something that I thought made my life better because it was in it, and I wasn't even a little bit ready to make the step to getting rid of any of it.
   Then- minimalism walked into my life.
  And all of the sudden, I saw how much better my life was with each place of my life I started to declutter..  and it became very clear.  I HAD to let minimalism into this area of my life, no matter how much I didn't want too.

    I don't think I even realized how bad it was until I took this picture of my vanity table.  How did it get to this point, and not even bother me?

   I really have an emotial tie with makeup.  My Mom took me to the clinique counter when I was around fifteen.  They matched me with foundation.  They did my makeup.  I walked away with one of those little trays with two colors, purple and brown.  I had a new lipstick, it was a mauve color.  I walked away knowing this was something I was going to love forever.
   When I was in college I started trying to make it my own.  I remember buying cheap colored lip gloss and making it into eyeshadow and making it a thing.  I was too cool.  I also had wooden clogs that I thought were equally cool- so my idea of 'cool' at that time is very questionable.  
   Fast forward to our first year in our first church.  I was six hours away from my family for the first time ever.  I was a Pastors wife for the first time ever.  I was scared, and trying hard to figure out how to live this life that was dramatically different than anything I had ever lived before.  Although looking back I realize how much growing I did during that time, I remember being really discouraged, lonely and depressed.  Then Ipsy came into my life.  That little bag that came once a month was something I could look forward too in those times when I was just really sad.  So it became something I could focus on.   I became obssesed with higher end products, and I wanted all. the. makeup.
   It was slow, but it accumulated.  And this is how many brushes I tried to clean at last once a month.  Not even thinking that it was bothersome.....

So I took the same principals that I've taken during this entire journey.
If you don't love it...
If you don't use it at least once a week...
if you can live without it....
You don't need it.  

MUCH to my surprise.. it worked!!!

I got rid of so much makeup that I was even able to get rid of the vanity I had constructed, and if I've learned one thing through minimalism its that any flat surface that you can get rid of is a win!  (Flat surfaces collect clutter, no matter where or what they are!)  

So here friends, is my "After" photos...  my new makeup line!

Everything is so neat and tidy it will fit into ONE makeup bag!  Everything is so much easier to access,
easer to put on, and the brushes are SO much easier to clean!!!

So although I still love makeup, I have decided to love it on a smaller scale!  And I think I may even love it a little more!
Aren't you proud of me?

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