Saturday, March 20, 2021

Minimizing our kitchen... part 2!

So  last time we started our major declutter, we ended up getting a LOT out of the kitchen..
Like.. a LOT.  

   So I anticipated that round two would be much less complicated.  You know- because we already decluttered SO much and all..  well, much to my surprise, all of the minimalists are right!  It's certainly not a one and done thing.  There's always- so- much- more.  

    This is all of the things we decied to declutter from round two!  Minus- the coffee pots, the miami dolphins tervis, and the dish with fruit on it, I don't know how that got into the picture lol.  But how did I still have all of this just hanging out in my kitchen after our major declutter??  I am just floored! 

Something I have realized is that quality is better than quantity!  And since for my birthday my Mom got me my first set of matching dishes (I didn't even get any for my wedding! LOL!) I decided they were the only ones I really wanted in my kitchen!

I kept this as well as four additional teal colored plates and our stack of six dessert plates, one teal bowl and one red bowl, as well as six plastic dishes that my kids have had for a long time and usually eat lunch on.  Crazy that I thought all this time I needed all those dishes...  and now I have about ten settings, and it works very well for us!

My utensil drawer used to be packed to the brim!  Now it just holds the essentials...

There is only ONE cabinet with pots and pans, and only my favorites remain!

One cabinet for bakeware

And we got rid of all those plastic dollar store cups that were chipping and fading!
We added a couple more tervis cups to our collection, and kept it at that!  Now all we have as far as drinkware are Tervis cups (these last FOREVER.  We have one we have had for like six years!  They have lids and travel well also.  A win/win!) a few Yeti mugs, coffee mugs and Mason jars.  Although I do think sometime I would like to find some nice glasses, mason jars work well.  Especially since they can have plastic lids and double as snack holders!

Our baking utensils and cup lids all fit into one drawer rather nicely now!  I don't have to dig forever to find what I'm looking for!

All in all, our kitchen is FAR more easy to navigate!  When you have a small space you need to utilize every bit of it!  I'm so thankful for this minimalism journey, and where it has taken us!  

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