Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Where to begin?

    Yesterday was our first major declutter day in the Duncan household.  Some of the best advice I've gotten over and over from minimalism majors are to start with something really simple.  Something that you're not overly attached too.  For my husband and I, the answer was simple.  Clothing.  We knew that it was something we had WAY too much of.  So that was an easy place to begin.

   At the end of the day, I told him that in a way we have been preparing for this for years.  I can't imagine if we had been in the same house for ten years or more!  If that is you, and you're beginning this declutter, you are certainly in our prayers!  I can remember specific times in our lives that we decluttered.  One, we moved from a larger two story house into a super-small two bedroom house with a loft in the living area.  When we left I remember packing a lot of clothes that I knew I wanted to hold onto, and leaving the rest in piles in the floor.  I let friends look through them, and before we moved we put them all in trash bags and took them to the thrift store.   We were only able to live in that house for three months before we had our first snow and consequently the pipes busted throughout the house, doing thousands of dollars worth damage that the owner did not want too put the money into.  So the rental company relocted, and I just didn't want to move that much stuff all over again.  At that time I discovered thredup, packed a lot of clothes in the bags and sent them away.  

    Then again after our move from the coast.  A six-hour move is basically a one-way trip.  When we moved to the coast it was reasonable to move a few things at a time each time we made the trip back again.  Yet when we left, we knew tat the uhaul an the vans were on a one-way trip, so we had to declutter big time.  Here we are, almost two years later, and still, the same storage boxes with the same clothes in it seem to have followed us again and again!  

   So yesterday my husband and I started small, just with the clothes in our closet.  Oh my.  We ended up finaly parting with things that we haven't worn in forever, yet for some reason we imagined we needed to hold onto them!  I went through some of the clothes in my closet that I had saved for my younger son, when I hated them when my older son had them!  I've never read or listened to anything by Marie Kondo (I know, that's something I should never admit since she's basically the author of minimalism!  I'll get around to it I promise!) but I have heard it quote that if something doesn't bring you joy, you should not hold onto it.  So if I hated it, I got rid of it.  If it made me feel bad about myself, I got rid of it.  I did keep a few things that I wanted to hold onto on that "If I were to lose weight, this would fit me" box, but I was reasonable about it.  I kept things that were a size 12, not a size 8 or 10.  I'm currently a 14 with some 12s fitting, so its not completely unreasonable to think that I could be in a 12 sometime soon.  But if it was less than 12, I'm going to get rid of it.  Not because I don't think I might in the future get below a 12, but becasue if I do, it won't hurt me one bit to buy one or two more blue jeans. I have heard it said so many times, its not about having nothing, its about only having things that make you happy, and things that you love.  

    Today I unloaded ALL of our storage bins out of the storage closet.  I know that it seems like it would make more sense to do that last...  but I have a plan of action!  I want to see if after going through them I have any empty storage bins!  Then I will have more room for storage for my second phase tomorrow, which is my little boys room. 

    My suggestion to them was this.  I want them to chose a few toys that they want to try to pack away.  We will pack them away for a month, then if they decide they like their room better without so many toys, we will donate them!  More on that later on.

   So yesterdays project was mine and my husbands clothing, which concluded with EIGHT trash bags full of things to donate to the thrit stores!  That is HUGE, especially considering we still have a considerable wardrobe left as well.  It feels SO good just to be in our room and not be completely covered with things!  I do intend before I begin with the boxes to do a second run through of my closet and shoes, just to be sure that everything in there is an absolute keeper!  Then, on to the storage boxes!

  I want to be very particular too when I go through my kids clothes.  A huge reason for me to downsize is just becuase I spend SO much of my time tending to my clothes!  So I want to do spend more time with my kids, and less time dealing with their seven outfits that they have decided they need to wear everyday.  

    Since we are talking about clothes, I wanted to share with you my favorite video on getting rid of clothes.  It's not the only focus of the video, but I really loved it.  Be sure and check out The Minimal Mom!    She's inspiring and very full of good advice!


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